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creating repositories

user list
This step can be ommited if you wish for usernames to appear in the name slot for lesson plans rather than full names. First a list must be made with the usernames and display names of your users. A list entry for "Jhon Doe" would have the field logonName contain "doej" and the field displayName contain "Jhon Doe".
class list
A list should be made with the following fields:
  • title - the default title field. place the name of the course in this field.
  • teachers - a single line of text with the usernames of all the teachers who may make lesson plans for this course seperated by spaces.
  • science - a boolean value which indicates the class is for a science class raher than another type.
  • benchmarks - multiple lines of text with all benchmarks for the class seperated by new line breaks.
  • essentailQuestions - multiple lines of text with all essential questions seperated by new line breaks.
or use the attached form classRegistry

uploading the lesson planners

Upload the forms as an administrater approved template. If you have trouble there is detailed instructions on uploading at This makes the form a content type. Create two empty form libraries in sharepoint designer and add the content types .

updating the data connections

in both forms the data connections will have to be updated to be for your site.
classRegistry - Title, benchmarks, essentialQuestions, teachers, science
allStaffList - logonName, displayName
submit - submitting to this source
recieve - all fields which are displayed on this form

editing the code

If you have data connections named differant you will have to edit the code slightly. use the find function to search for TODO or use your prefered method of finding tokens. Each one will be a location were the data connections are hard coded. The comments will give instructions. Remember that to get the xpath of a item

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